Student Testimonials

“The College Access Center was pivotal in providing me with the resources to navigate the often intimidating college admissions process. As a first generation college applicant, I felt supported in understanding my options, defining my goals, and knowing how to reach them. Its services made it possible for me to afford to apply to college, and for that I am forever grateful.” Mariel Charles, CORO Fellow

I was blessed to work with an amazing counselor who was patient and believed in me. I believe the success of the College Access Center rests in the hands of the amazing counselors they employ. I had a great experience because all the counselors cared a lot about me and my friends and showed it through their work.” Joseph Agyei, Project Manager Seton Healthcare Family

“The College Access Center has been a second family to me. I received several full scholarship offers to college that I  believe would not have been possible without the help of my amazing counselor. Even after college, I have been in touch with staff at the Center and they have been instrumental in my law school application process.” Helena Sowah, Law School Student

“Without the College Access Center, I would not have had the opportunity to go to college. I would never have left my neighborhood.” Jay Arzu, Fulbright Scholar

“The College Access Center played an integral part in my college application process. They helped to ease difficulties and challenges faced by many students and their families who are applying to college as a first generation student.” Awa Ndiaye, Neurophysiologist

The College Access Center helped me through the whole college application process including SAT prep, helping me with college applications, providing assistance with filling out the FAFSA form and much more.” Darly Paredes, Software Engineer

“The college application process is tedious and can be intimidating. It was wonderful to have the Center where students like myself were provided with the additional support that isn’t readily available in NYC public schools.” Natasha Burton, Forensic Social Worker