New Settlement’s College Success Program

Program History

In the 2012-2013 academic year, New Settlement replicated On Point for College’s well respected College Success Program, to support our students in improving their academic skills, overcoming personal barriers, and enrolling in and completing college. On Point is a not-for-profit organization based in Syracuse, New York.).  Funding for our work was provided to On Point by the NYS Higher Educational Services Corp. (HESC), and regranted to New Settlement. The focus of the successful On Point model is to support young people at community colleges and 4-year colleges through community-based college counselors who visit the students at their respective college campuses on a regular schedule.


Summer Bridge Support

The summer before entering college, each graduating high school senior or young adult will meet with a college-success counselor or a College Bridge Coach to position the students to complete all requirements for enrollment and registration, beginning with a review of their college acceptance materials and financial-aid awards. Our counselors and bridge coaches work with  students to ensure that they pay required commitment and housing deposits, finalize financial- aid packages, complete immunization forms, get health insurance, register for courses (if possible), and are ready to start on time. In addition, each student will receive school supplies and a residential kit (if living on campus).

In addition, through our participation in The Bronx Opportunity Network (BON), we are able to provide our students attending CUNY community colleges with an intensive 6-week  academic support program  during the summer before their first semester in college. The 6-week program is designed to help  students improve their academic skills in critical reading and mathematics so that they can test out of remedial coursework at CUNY. As a result of our participation in BON, students who participate in this summer program are able to re-take the CUNY assessment test and hopefully place into credit bearing coursework during their first semester of college.

1:1 Success Advising for College Students

All students who receive college advising/enrollment services from New Settlement are eligible to receive continued support through college graduation. Counselors  visit students at local community colleges weekly; students at 4-year colleges in New York City and 2-year colleges located outside of New York City monthly; and students who attend 4-year colleges outside of NYC once each semester. The on campus real-time mentoring and coaching is designed to (a) help students strategize about personal, social, and academic issues/challenges that impact success in college; (b) assess credits to track progress; (c) ensure that students select a suitable major; (d) work with students on strategies to improve performance (time management, money management, using campus resources, etc.); (e) assist with financial-aid completion and renewal; (f) connect students with tutoring, advising, and other key campus resources. If you are a success student and would like to know who is assigned to your campus, click here.

Last Dollar Grants

New Settlement is able to provide emergency grant applications to college students who are enrolled in our Success Program. If you need emergency grant assistance for textbooks, transportation to or from school, a housing deposit, or a basic need such as food or medicine, please read the grant guidelines and complete the appropriate grant application here.

Assistance with Transferring and Re-Enrollment

New Settlement provides support to all of our students who are interested in transferring from a 2-year to a 4-year program or need support to re-enroll in college.