New Settlement Apartments relies on the participation of our neighbors and supporters. We are the cornerstone of a thriving Bronx community—the Mount Eden Community of the Southwest Bronx—where each community member succeeds through the participation of all of our neighbors who participate, volunteer and support our programs for children, youth and families. If you are a resident of the Southwest Bronx and surrounding communities—or if you are looking for opportunities to support our community–please join us!

Are you searching for enriching programs for school children, college access guidance, employment opportunities, teen programs, adult health and recreation activities (including swimming, yoga and cooking classes), housing and community organizing opportunities? If so, please visit our program pages for program and contact information.

If you are seeking opportunities to volunteer to help children and families succeed? New Settlement Apartments welcomes the assistance of volunteers as program helpers, tutors and activities leaders, and who can help inform our neighbors of community events and meetings. Please visit our program pages for program and contact information.

If you are a nonprofit program looking to partner with a community-based organization to provide arts, STEM, vocational training, sports and education programming to children and youth in communities like ours, we will welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Please contact the appropriate program director at our program pages.