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By Selene Javier, City Cleanup Corps (NYC CCC) Everyone’s dream job is doing something they like and that gives them a little bit of freedom to achieve their goals. With this work at New Settlement, I ...


In the Garden, Everything Grows

By Eva Wertimer When I first walked into the garden space at PS 42 almost exactly a year ago, I felt transported. The garden, left mostly unmanaged due to COVID school closures, was overgrown and beautiful. ...


When Students Become the Teacher

By Katya Galfund It wasn’t until several months into the school year when I first saw what a co-worker or student’s face looked like without a mask. Taking a sip of water and saying, “Wow! So ...


Undoing Racism at Farmers Markets

By Taisy Conk, Director On a warm Saturday last November, major news outlets declared Joe Biden President Elect. At the moment the announcement was made, many New Yorkers were out at their local farmers markets. Spontaneous ...


Managing the Post-Pandemic Blues

One month into the new year, it seems like we are just about to peek our heads out of our COVID-19 hideouts. The vaccine rollouts and the new instituted government give us a glimpse of ...


Looking Back on Another Year at the 170 Farm Stand

By Gus Stavroulakis, Farm Stand Manager  As another harvest season ends, so concludes the 170 Farm Stand. Like many things this past year, there were challenges, but we had plenty to celebrate. We were able to ...


Neighborhood Health Plan, Endorsed by City Council Members, Issues Recommendations for a Healthier Bronx at its Roots

By Taisy Conk, Program Director Bronx residents and champions have a new resource to back up their demands when advocating for investment in the borough. The Jerome Avenue Public Health Taskforce spent 2019 building relationships, engaging ...


Connection: A Sixteen-Week Journey of FMK Zooms

By Lana Alman, Culinary Educator Having the opportunity to work with Community Food Action as this season's Farmers Market for Kids Culinary Educator gave me a great sense of hope and inspiration, especially in these difficult times when ...


Welcome, to this Season’s Farm Stand Crew!

By Gus Stavroulakis, Youth and Farm Stand Coordinator With a new fall comes a cornucopia of fresh produce for the 170 Farm Stand to provide to the community. This year has been a challenging year, with ...


Community Food Action Celebrates New Staff!

We are grateful and fortunate to be able to once more host FoodCorps at New Settlement, and we’re stoked to introduce you to our Service Members for the new academic year 2020-2021!  Katya, who will be serving ...


Upcoming Events

Thu 28

Farmers Market for Kids Virtual Fall Series

October 28 @ 2:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Nov 03

170 Farm Stand/ Season 2021

November 3 @ 2:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Nov 04

Farmers Market for Kids Virtual Fall Series

November 4 @ 2:30 pm - 6:30 pm


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