Our Work

The Mission of Community Health Initiatives 

       The conditions in which a person lives play a significant role in their overall health. Community Health Initiatives look to build an environment that promotes community strength, in an effort to improve health and quality of life.  Bronx County is ranked last in health outcomes in New York, and a dynamic approach is needed to achieve health equity in such an inequitable system. CHI programs consist of two divisions, Community Food Action, and Community Health & Wellness. These two divisions of CHI are uniquely designed to address aspects of social determinants of health to improve our community’s health outcomes and those of neighboring communities. As part of the New Settlement Community Center, the programs offered are open to any members of the community who is interested in improving their health.

Community Food Action  

Food is a basic human necessity and proper nutrition is critical to an individual’s quality of life and health. Community Health Initiatives’ vision for impact is an alternative food system, by and for communities, that nourishes the people and supports community development, climate protection efforts, and quality of life. The program takes a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to food justice in our neighborhood. We embed a “hands-on” food education approach into local institutions, develop community leadership, and create opportunities to grow, purchase, eat, and compost healthy food. We not only provide families with nutritious food and education; we believe connecting people to the environment where food is grown can foster a deeper appreciation for their food system, and allow us to create a food system that is equitable to all.  

Community Health & Wellness   

We have centered a Community Health & Wellness program around bringing people together to support one another and meet growing health needs in our community. We feel this is vital in creating a long-lasting impact in our neighborhood. New Settlement Community Center is where people can gather to receive support in their journey to improve their health. As CH&W solidifies and grows our programming, we aim to support active older adults, young adults, those beginning families, and those with families unsure of how to move forward in their health journey.