Joseph Agyei

  • Bachelor’s of Science, Cornell University
  • Master’s in Healthcare Administration, University of Pittsburgh
  • Employment: Project Manager, Seton Healthcare Family

“I was blessed to work with an amazing counselor who was patient and believed in me. I believe the success of the College Access Center rests in the hands of the amazing counselors they employ. I had a great experience because all the counselors cared a lot about me and my friends and showed it through their work.”

Joseph was referred to the College Access Center by his high school guidance counselor and he attributes his success in the college application process mainly to the college access center and the counselors that worked with him.

After graduating from Cornell University, Joseph worked as a resident in a hospital in Pittsburgh under the chief operating officer of an acute care hospital. He moved to Austin, Texas after graduate school for a fellowship with an 11-hospital system, where he specialized in Finance, Business Development and Project Management. After his fellowship, he moved into a Project Manager position in Healthcare Strategy, Business Development and Operations. Joseph currently works for a healthcare startup as an Operations Project Manager. His  goal is to help healthcare organizations find innovative solutions in providing consumer-focused care to patients.