Current Program Offerings (During Covid-19)

The Program for Girls & Young Women is open, if mostly virtual!

As we did in the fall of 2020, we will continue to offer a range of artistic and leadership programs this spring — the majority remote, or hybrid with fully remote option, along with in-person dance.  We would like to help you (or the youth in your lives) stay engaged with community issues, express themselves creatively, and find the support systems that you/they need. As always, all our programs are offered at no cost, and are open to female-identified and gender non-conforming youth aged 11-18 (age range varies by class). We simply ask a commitment to regular attendance and full participation – whether from home or on site, and ask you to bring your best, most authentic self. Two of our programs for HS aged youth offer attendance-based stipends. All of our program connect with social issues, most offer participant-centered projects, and all support the development of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and life skills needed to make positive choices and form healthy relationships.  Please visit our current programming page, which links to this year’s online enrollment form and lists days, times, age/grade ranges, content descriptions, and in some cases features short videos about the classes offered. We will not be holding any in-person orientation this January, due to Covid-19.
In-person classes or sessions will be held in our program spaces on Townsend Avenue (1525 or 1514), Bronx NY 10452. Masks are required and temperatures taken daily. See current programming page and enrollment packet for more details regarding safety procedures and expectations.