G.O.A.L. (Girls Organized to Achieve Leadership) for young women aged 14+; must be enrolled in HS.   G.O.A.L. maintains 25 stipended (paid) positions September -May, and meets twice weekly. Participants discuss and learn about issues related to sexual and reproductive health, healthy relationships, college access, financial literacy and self-defense. Enrollment opens in mid-September, and again in January. Wait-listed young women may still participate in the program without earning a stipend, and may move into a stipended spot if one becomes available, and their attendance has been regular.

Participants must sign an agreement in order to earn the stipend; enrollment is first come, first served. Do right for yourself AND earn a monthly stipend with perfect or near-perfect attendance in the following program components (must participate in both to earn stipend):


EVERY FALL: Taking Care of BusinessSM, (Mondays, 6:30-8pm) meets at 19 E. Mt Eden, YAOI Office.

Take control of your relationships & future! Developed by Girls Inc., and delivered by experienced health educators, the program provides up to date reproductive health information with lots of room for questions and discussion. Sessions are engaging and active, not lecture-style. Participants visit a local clinic every fall, and also participate in workshops that support a brave, inclusive space for young women, femmes, and gender fluid youth;  help participants recognize healthy vs. unhealthy relationship indicators, avoid intimate partner violence, unwanted pregnancy and STIs; set personal goals and advocate for themselves.

 OCTOBER – MAY: College Explorers, (2 Tuesdays per month, 6:30-8pm)*

Considering your options? Learn more about how to explore careers, research schools and find a good fit, prepare for college, apply and get financial aid. Juniors also visit schools and prep for SATs in spring semester, at New Settlement’s College Access Center. Seniors prepare not just to start but to succeed in college, and get connected with counselors who will check in with them once they are enrolled in school, supporting students through the transition and first years.



Living Safe and StrongSM, (every Monday, 6:30-8pm) Do you want to learn how to defend yourself, and build your mind, body and spirit? Learn more about the causes of violence and how to protect yourself from it. Developed by Girls Inc. Late January – May 2023.  

Futures & OptionsSM,  (every Monday, 6:30-8pm)  Do you have a career planned? Do you have a resume? Are you prepared to interview for jobs? Build skills for the lifestyle you want! Developed by Girls Inc. Late January – May 2024.  

Contact Program Director Tasheema Lucas for more information.