Managing the Post-Pandemic Blues

One month into the new year, it seems like we are just about to peek our heads out of our COVID-19 hideouts. The vaccine rollouts and the new instituted government give us a glimpse of hope and faith in a slow recovery. Even so, we know now and are aware of the long-lasting effects of this health crisis on all aspects of our daily lives, but especially on our mental health.

We are conscientious that what we need to strive for is collective care and the dismantling of the oppressive systems that have exacerbated these effects on communities of color. Nevertheless, we wanted to share some resources that have come to our attention lately that may serve you or someone you know. Let’s check in on one another, often, and come together to create new equitable systems. After all, systems are made of people!

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, through their Community Conversations Series on Mental Health, Equity and Resilience, has shared plenty of resources for taking care of our emotional state during these difficult times.

Although apps don’t necessarily provide personalized care, like the one you receive from bonding with a therapist, there might be something here that soothes your needs in the meantime. Here is a collection of apps and online tools to help you manage your health and emotional wellbeing. Find it at the NYC Well App Library. Access here a list of digital mental health resources that will remain FREE for the duration of the pandemic.

Additionally, look into each of these for culturally responsive mental health care providers:

Asian Mental Health Collective

Latinx Therapy

Black Mental Health Alliance

Inclusive Therapists

Feeling weary but don’t know why? Click here to learn about identifying symptoms related to pandemic burnout and taking proactive steps it to prevent it.

Finally, here is a directory of resources by borough and neighborhood, and you can find the latest information on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout at this link.

Stay safe and wear your masks!

**Picture Insert: Harvard Health Blog, Global Mental Health in the Time of COVID-19.