Two Student Success Center Participants at the Taft Educational Campus are Scholarship Plus Recipients!

Congratulations to Hanson, a senior at Bronx High School of Business, and Ssafiyatou, a Youth Leader and senior at Claremont International High School, for being Scholarship Plus recipients! Scholarship Plus supports first-generation students with a four year scholarship to cover their financial costs for college. The scholarship also provides personal and academic mentorship, paid internships, career support, and college prep support to get them through college. Hanson will be attending SUNY Binghamton in the fall, and Ssafiyatou will be attending Fordham University in the fall.

Watch their videos here: IMG_5481 IMG_5480

Read Hansen’s story here and read Ssafiyatou’s story here! In his story, Hansen also shouted out one of our amazing counselors, Ms. Aris, by saying the following: For a Teacher Who Makes a Difference, Hanson wrote, “That’s a hard question, I’m not even going to lie, does it have to be one?” But his final homage is a beautiful one: “Then it has to be Arisdehilys Reyes – Ms. Aris – my college advisor. I’ve only started talking to her for the past two years, but she’s kind of like a second Mom to me. She’s made the greatest difference to me by helping throughout my college process and just asking if I’m okay. Even in my worst times, she’s really helped me out.”