New Settlement Apartments’ College Success Grant Guidelines

Remember that grants are need based and for emergencies ONLY. If you plan on submitting a grant, please review the instructions/guidelines below and make sure that your grant application is complete before you submit it.

  • You are enrolled in New Settlement’s College Success Program
  • You are submitting this application at least two weeks in advance of your grant request deadline.
  • You have spoken/ texted/ met/ skyped/ etc. with your success counselor at least two times either during the current semester or the previous semester.
  • You have answered all of the questions on your grant application. Incomplete forms will not be processes.
  • You have attached all requested documents to your grant application (ex. transcript, Student Aid Report, course syllabus, etc.). If you are having difficulty gathering these documents, contact your success counselor.
  • You have provided your success counselor with your most recent unofficial transcript.
  • If you are taking a picture of the grant, the picture should be clear and include all four corners.
  • You have signed your grant application.