Celebrate The Power We Built In 2015!

Invest In CASA POWER! 2015 was a year of power and growth! In 2015: More than 2,200 people attended a CASA event in the Bronx! We knocked on more than 10,000 doors! We won 2 awards! We launched the Bronx Coalition for A Community Vision, marking the formation of historic alliances between faith communities, tenants […]


VIDEO: We Know What We Want

Bronx residents are fired up! Hundreds of Bronx residents, faith leaders, union members, local artists and community members from CASA and 10 other community organizations came out in force to push for a housing plan that is affordable to the people that live here. At the Bronx Borough President’s hearing on Thursday November 12, the […]


Participatory Planning For Jerome Ave

On March 5th, The Bronx Coalition for A Community Vision held its first public event!!! After the City announced its plans to study 73 blocks along Jerome Avenue, as part of the Mayor’s Housing plan, we anxiously awaited community involvement. After five months of very little involvement, we held our own forum!!! In the middle […]


Historic Rent Freeze!!!

On Monday night we made history!!!! For the first time in the 46-year history of the Rent Guidelines Board (the 9-member board that decides how much rents for rent stabilized tenants should be increased by), the board voted TO FREEZE RENTS for a one year lease and granted a 2% increase for a 2 year […]


December 5th: Housing Justice!!

Housing Justice December 5th A Public Forum on New Yorkers’ Right To Counsel in Eviction Proceedings Friday, December 5th 9am-4:30pm at the New York Law School Join us for this historic and important event on December 5th where we will be joined by judges, housing advocates and tenants from around the city, country and world, […]