Our Reports

Resisting Displacement White Paper

Resisting Displacement: Lessons from CASA’s Tenant Organizing in the Southwest Bronx

Resistencia al desplazamiento en el suroeste del Bronx: Lecciones del trabajo organizativo de inquilinos de CASA

Bronx Coalition for a Community Vision

Platform of Demands for Jerome Avenue, October 2015

Executive Summary English

Executive Summary Spanish

Platform of Demands for Jerome Ave, Spanish

Justice in Housing Court Campaign Report

Housing Justice: What the Experts are Saying on New Yorkers Right to Counsel in Eviction Proceedings, June 2015

Tipping the Scales: A Report of Tenant Experiences in Bronx Housing Court, March 2013.

Executive Summary English

Resumen Executivo Español

Tipping the Scales: Right to Counsel is the Moment for the Office of Court Administration to Transform Housing Court 

Fees are Fraud Campaign Report:

Addendum to the Burden of Fees, April 2015.

The Burden of Fees: How Affordable Housing is Made Unaffordable, September 2013.