Come work or volunteer with an award winning organizing project to learn how to build power, affect change and ensure that NYC is a place where all of us can live.

Jobs at CASA:

Community Organizer for Housing Justice (Full Time)

Internships at CASA:

Community Organizing Intern

 Internship Testimonials

Check out what our past and amazing interns had to say about their experience:

Rhiya Trivedi: “Working with CASA is a like a never-ending justification for believing in people; for having reason to believe that all people have what it takes to be great; to make a contribution; to shape the world for the better. We live in a world replete with systems that don’t share this faith; that are more interested in exercising control than they are building power. CASA is a reminder that in organizing there is not only progress but also community, joy and sustainability; when people in law school are confused as to how I can be so sure that another world is possible, it’s mainly to memories of CASA that I turn.”

Marcela Pinos: “Being part of CASA as a high school Intern in the summer of 2013 was exciting as it enabled me to learn about a great issue that troubles our community and taught me the basics of outreaching. I did not know  much about the behind the scenes work that had to be done in order to get outreach done until I once again worked with CASA this past summer. I learned so much and understood how much work is needed in order to achieve a goal. CASA’s main goal of working with the community hand in hand is genius as the issues get addressed by the people who need the help. In these last two summers I was not only part of an amazing non profit, I was part of a community.”

Mollie Krent: “While at CASA, I had the privilege of working on the campaign to end non-rent fees. Meeting with tenants around the Bronx was one of the biggest highlights of my time at CASA. Everyone was not only welcoming and kind, but fiercely passionate and committed. I’m so inspired, by both the staff and the tenants, to continue this work!”

 In addition to interns, volunteers are always welcome.  There is so much you can do! Call Yeraldi for more information: 718-716-8000 x117.