Over the years, we at New Settlement Community Center have sought to provide people of all ages with the skills to keep themselves safe and live healthy lives through various services like swimming. We offer swimming opportunities for individuals as young as 6 months of age as you already know. Our program has been structured around both the Red Cross and YMCA national guidelines. Our Senior Aquatics staff are all Red Cross certified instructors; many are USA SWIM coaches and have worked for the Red Cross, YMCA, & Asphalt Green. All aquatics staff are provided with in-service skills training every two months as well as 16 hrs. of professional development three times a year over the course of 4 days each.
Our policies around infant swimming are as follows:
Baby and Toddler classes
The first 5 minutes of class are intended to introduce the instructor to the parents and children and vis-a-vi, and inform the class what steps will be introduced during class so that the kids can acclimate to the water and the huge body of water. Before each class the instructor shares what activities or new skills will be introduced.
These classes are not designed to teach babies and tots to become good swimmers or even to survive in the water on their own.  They are intended to lay the foundation for future aquatic skills.
The most valuable benefit of parent/child swim class is that it teaches parents about water safety and how to safely handle their children in and around water.
6-18 Months
Main focus is on making sure that everyone feels comfortable in the water, transitioning from front to back and submersion only when the child is ready.
Introduce infants and toddlers to pool environment through games with toys, songs, movement in the water, tapping of hands and feet. This encourages both parents and child to become comfortable in and around the water.
18-36 Months
Exploring body positioning – floating on back, extended arms to get the child use to separation from parent, blowing bubbles and introduction to aquatic skills ( submersion, jumping into the water with assistance. Beginning arm circles (scoops) and kicking.  During the progressions babies and tots will be introduced to flip quickly from the frontal float to the back float and call out.