Attire for the following classes is below:

Swim Attire

  • Swim shirts are allowed. However, we do not allow other shirts or cover-ups in the water.
  • Water shoes are not allowed unless due to a medical condition in which a doctor’s note must be provided. 


Male bathing suits must have mesh linings.

Everyone in the pool must wear a swim cap.

*No Speedo Swim Suit*

Plain WHITE T-Shirt



One piece swimsuit preferred.

Everyone in the pool must wear a swim cap.

*No bikini swimsuit*

Plain WHITE T-Shirt


All Children under the age of 3 is required to wear a Swim Diaper.

It is mandatory for a parent/guardian to be in the water with the child.

Everyone in the pool must wear the swim cap.

Goggles are optional.

Where to Purchase

Swim Diapers, Caps and goggles are sold in the facility*



Latex Cap: $8


Silicone Cap: $13

Swim Diapers: $6 (Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL)

Goggles: $7.50 (Available in different colors)


Fitness Attire:

  • Yoga pants, sweatpants, leggings (with no cut-outs)
  • T-shirts or tank
  • Sports bras are acceptable with a tank top over

What NOT to wear:

  • Supershort shorts or loose shorts
  • See-through or holey pants
  • Loose, low-cut, revealing, or unsupported tops

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Attire

*Attire must be purchased at the center

All Age Groups Uniform

Black Jiu – Jitsu Uniform – 2-Piece Set

Item NameWeight
BJJ GI Black K0065-80lbs
BJJ GI Black K080-95 lbs
BJJ GI Black K195-110 lbs
BJJ GI Black K2110-120 lbs
BJJ GI Black A1120-140 lbs
BJJ GI Black A2140-170 lbs
BJJ GI Black A3170-200 lbs
BJJ GI Black A4200-250 lbs
BJJ GI Black A5225-275 lbs


Black T-Shirt (MMA Logo)

*Does not include Sparring Equipment*

Gymnastics Attire

Attire for girls

Black 1 Piece Leotard

Attire for Boys

White Cotton T-Shirt

Black Bottoms (shorts or pants)