Ralliers gather outside of Rent Guidelines Board hearing on price hike in rent-stabilized homes


Ralliers gathered in the Bronx along the Grand Concourse following a public hearing at Hostos Community College on the proposed price hike for rent-stabilized homes in New York City.
The suggested increases are between 2%-5% for one-year leases and 4%-7% for two-year leases. Protesters say this is unacceptable, claiming that this can push tenants out of the city as many are already struggling to make monthly payments.
“I can’t afford to move,” said Kim Statuto, member of CASA, an advocacy organization supporting those rallying against the proposed rent hike. “I have no other choice but to stay. Will I be paying an increase? I will not. I can’t afford it… I’m already on a fixed income, can I afford more? I can’t.”
Ralliers made their way to Hostos Community College to give their stance and opinions on the proposed rent increase, saying that they hope this will change the Rent Guidelines Board’s current standing on the proposal.