CASA Members Speak Out as Rent Guidelines Board votes to allow rent hikes on NYC rent-stabilized apartments

CASA Leader Carmen Vega-Rivera speaks out on the compounding permanent increases through Major Capital Improvements and the increases voted upon by the Rent Guidelines Board. “When you combine all that and then you add a one-year or two-year increase, you’re substantially impacting that family. I’m getting impacted. I worked my whole life as a professional,” said […]


CASA Leads Bronx Fight for a #RentFreeze from RGB

Bronx tenants were out in force last night to tell the Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) not to increase rents! For over 5 hours, tenant after tenant shared how pressures of displacement are forcing them out of their homes and lining the pockets of their landlords. Tenants shared how Major Capital Improvements (MCIs), Individual Apartment Improvements (IAIs), […]