2016 has truly been historic and powerful! Our members and leaders fought hard and won critical fights for Bronx residents and tenants across the city.

The power we built in 2016:

  • More than 4,019 people attended a CASA event in the Bronx!
  • We mobilized over 1,000 people in one week to attend two important hearings on Right to Counsel and on the Jerome Ave rezoning!
  • We joined hundreds of Bronx residents, workers, and faith leaders who rallied, demonstrated and then testified for 8 hours at the first official hearing on the City’s plan for rezoning Jerome Avenue demanding No Plan but Our Plan!
  • We filled the steps and chambers of City Hall for a historic City Council hearing on Right to Counsel where 80 people testified for 7 hours and we celebrated that the New York Times editorial board endorsed Right to Counsel!
  • We won a historic RENT FREEZE a second year in a row and turned out 500 Bronx residents to testify at the Bronx RGB Hearing!
  • We held over 340 tenant meetings in more than 60 buildings that more than 2,245 tenants attended!
  • We knocked on more than 6,500 doors!
  • CASA Leaders attended two international conferences–the World Social Forum in Montreal and the Eviction Tribunal in Quito
  • We hosted our Second Annual Gala that 250 allies and members attended which raised $35,000!
  • We organized over 31 press actions!
  • We had over 55 meetings with elected officials and government agencies!
  • We reached almost 1,500 likes of Facebook and 1,000 followers on Twitter!
  • We formed two new tenant coalitions to fight unjust landlords and practices. The coalitions represent 14 buildings where 1,187 families live!
  • As a part of the No More MCIs Coalition, 700 families from 8 buildings are organizing to stop almost $7 million in permanent rent increases!
  • The Parkash Tenant Coalition took on the “#1 Worst Landlord in NYC” pressuring him to meet with 120 tenants and sign an agreement to do repairs!
  • raised $35,000 at our weekly legal clinics with Bronx Legal Services and a third of them joined CASA!
  • We held a Block Party for Jerome Ave where 600 residents attended to learn and commit to fighting for the future of Jerome Ave!
  • We delivered 7,000 petitions to the Mayor in support of Right to Counsel!


The Bronx is our home and we will not stop fighting for a Bronx where we can all live with dignity and respect. In the year ahead, we will take on perhaps our biggest fight yet to protect the neighborhood we love.

Now more than ever we need our allies to stand and be counted with us. By pledging $5, $50 or even $100 a month, you help build our power and tell the larger world that we are inextricably linked. Join our monthly sustainer program to say that we will not be divided or defeated!