Participatory Planning For Jerome Ave

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On March 5th, The Bronx Coalition for A Community Vision held its first public event!!! After the City announced its plans to study 73 blocks along Jerome Avenue, as part of the Mayor’s Housing plan, we anxiously awaited community involvement. After five months of very little involvement, we held our own forum!!! In the middle of a snow storm, more than 450 community residents came to learn about the study area, the process of re-zoning and how they can get involved!!! At the forum, we asked community members to take leadership and help plan and run a series of visioning sessions according to four main principles: real affordable housing, good jobs and local hire, real community participation and strong anti-harassment and anti-displacement policies for the people who work and live here.

From March-June, we held four visioning sessions, each of which drew well over 100 residents. Each session had food, childcare and spanish/english simultaneous interpretation.

  • Monday, March 30th, 6:30-8:30pm at LPAC, 14 west 170th street
  • Wednesday, April 22nd, 6-9pm, at LPAC, 14 west 170th Street
  • Thursday, May 28th, 6-9pm, at New Settlement Community Campus, 1501 Jerome Ave
  • Saturday, June 20th, 11am-3pm, at New Settlement Community Campus, 1501 Jerome Ave, Entrance on Goble Place, one block north of 172nd Street.

Over the summer, the steering committee, made up of community residents, local union members, faith leaders, business owners and workers, worked hard to take all of the solutions that members crafted and turn them into a policy platform.

On October, 21st, we released our Policy Platform!

Read the Platform and Get involved!

Call Susanna for more information at 718-716-8000, ext. 125.

Watch this powerful video about our forum on March 5th!