Team Building & Civic Engagement

Students participate in their community through democratic processes such as voting, community organizing, policy formation, participation in civic organizations and volunteering.

PartnershipsStudents partner with community members of all ages to bring about awareness about specific community issues and create solidarity.

Advocacy and Service LearningStudents gain the skills necessary to speak up for what they believe. Students will be ready to speak on behalf of community members and for people whose voices cannot be heard. Through this process student will learn the value of civic engagement and provide positive services to the community.

Community Partnerships Students advocate for issues relevant to community needs and responses. Students gain support from community members and create solidarity for recognized.

Cultural EnrichmentOur curriculum provides students with the means to understand different cultural values and form partnerships with cultural organizations.


Homework Help & Academic Enrichment

The goal of academic enrichment is to provide curricula that increase a student’s readiness to explore and engage in core educational concepts.

College readiness – Through enriching curricula that complements and supports their school-day course work, students will gain the skills to prepare for college. Students will demonstrate the ability to express informed opinions, work on time management skills and practice leadership development and self-reliance. Furthermore, students will develop awareness of careers they aspire to pursue in the future.

Language Arts– Students will demonstrate the ability to express clear and concise thoughts, think creatively and show an appreciation for reading, writing and verbal communication.

Research ReadinessStudents will be able to research material effectively from reliable and creditable sources.

Environmental Literacy – Students increase awareness of surroundings and ask the questions “How does my living environment affect my community?” and “How can we work towards environmental sustainability on a local level?”

STEM Literacy Science, technology, engineering and math are integrated in our academic enrichment programming to provide students with activities and learning tools that will spark creativity and academic readiness.