The Trend Podcast: feat. Executive Director Rigaud Noel

The Trend With Justin A. Willams

Rigaud Noel joined New Settlement as its Executive Director in November, 2020. Rigaud came to New Settlement with a strong track record in providing children, youth and families opportunities for educational and career advancement to help them succeed in school, work and life. Over the last 20 years, he has served in senior management and executive positions at various non-profits across New York City. Before New Settlement, Rigaud served as Chief Partnership Officer at New York Edge, one of the largest after-school providers in New York State. During his tenure, he was able to secure over $6 million in new funding, establish new partnerships with schools, colleges/universities and community-based organizations! So you know he is qualified to talk about urban development and talk about it we do as we discuss the New Settlement facility, why the Bronx is the frontlines for positive change and where we are going next as an empowered society!

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