New Settlement Condemns Anti-Asian Violence and Demands Restoration of the Hate Violence Prevention Initiative

The horrifying and heartbreaking events that took place in Atlanta last week have shaken us all to our core. Sadly, this is not an isolated incident, but part of a rising tide of senseless violence against our Asian-American neighbors and friends. As far away as Atlanta might seem, it is difficult to ignore that this same violence is increasingly prevalent on the streets of New York.

When one group is targeted by violence due to their race—or gender, or sexual orientation–it impacts all of us.  As an Anti-Racist Organization, New Settlement, like our colleague organizations serving communities across the country, is committed to fighting racism and hatred in all its forms. In our community, this is reflected on a day-to-day level in the way we instruct and encourage the children in our programs, in our welcoming program spaces, and in the solidarity of our community meetings and organizing efforts.

New Settlement proudly supports the efforts of Public Advocate Jumaane D. Williams to restore New York City’s funding of the Hate Violence Prevention Initiative in the coming budget, and for the expansion of the program to better combat hate and violence that specifically targets the Asian American community. Locally, here in The Bronx, New Settlement stands tall against this rising tide of racism. Senseless violence and hatred are never the answer. Justice and peace must always be the answer.