Affordable Housing

New Settlement Apartments, founded in 1989 as a project of the Settlement Housing Fund, is an economically integrated and ethnically diverse  development of 1,082 families, 30% of whom are formerly homeless. Composed of 18 buildings [including 14 fully renovated, previously abandoned buildings; 2 newly constructed buildings, and 2 additional buildings acquired from the City of New York] within an eight-square-block area of the Mount Eden neighborhood of the southwest Bronx, New Settlement has a consistent track record in neighborhood revitalization and community building. Its broad mix of residents includes a very substantial core of working people who exemplify the potential for economic independence through education, training and employment. Like residents of the surrounding neighborhoods, New Settlement Apartments residents are 97% Black and Latina/o (from many countries of origin), but are somewhat more diverse in economic status.  Resident families typically pay less than 30% of their income in rent.

If you are interested in applying for housing within New Settlement Apartments, please call the main office at 718-716-8000.