Chauncy Young

Chauncy Young has been active in the field of Education Organizing since 2004, when he joined as an organizer with the Community Collaborative to Improve District 9 Schools (CC9). He also is a founding member of the Coalition for Educational Justice (CEJ) and a founding member of the Healing-Centered Schools Working Group, both citywide coalitions of which the New Settlement Parent Action Committee is a member organization.

Chauncy served as Organizer, Lead Organizer and Director of Organizing with the United Parents of Highbridge, another member organization of CCB and CEJ prior to becoming the Director of Education Organizing at New Settlement. He coordinated the Highbridge Middle School campaign, which led to the creation of the Highbridge Green School, and coordinated the Highbridge School Coalition and the Highbridge Clergy Coalition. He was an active member organizer of the Muslim Holiday Campaign, and was involved in the CC9 Lead Teacher Program, as well as campaigns for the Middle School Initiative, Community Schools, and Culturally Responsive Education.

While Chauncy originally studied to be a science teacher, he has worked to make improvements to education outside of the classroom. As a parent and a resident of the Highbridge neighborhood in District 9, Chauncy is committed to improving the quality of education in District 9, in the Borough of the Bronx and across New York City.