Our Team


Jack Doyle

Executive Director

(718) 716-8000 x123

Debbie Aviles

Administrative Director

(718) 716-8000 x120

Frank Haberle

Development Officer

(718) 716-8000 x426

Daniel Scanlon

Director of Security, Housing

(718) 716-8000 x114

Woody Morales

Director of Maintenance, Housing

(718) 716-8000 x124

Ellener Tuitt

Director of Property Management, Housing

(718) 716-8000 ext. 106

Juan Otero

Building Engineer, Community Center

(718) 294-8130

Vivian Vazquez-Irizzary

Program Director, Community-School Partnerships


Carmen Hernandez-Rugama

Program Director, Creative Leaders After School Program (CLASP)


Tamara Polanco

Program Director, After School Program at Mount Eden Children's Academy


Madeline Rosario

Program Director, After School and Summer Programs at P.S. 294/P.S. 311


Anyela Duarte

Program Director, Multicultural After School Program

(718) 716-8000 x118

Jimi Orekoya

Program Director, Community Center

(718) 758-5901 x 4

Petronia Harrison

Program Director, Bronx Helpers

917-962-9988 x 101

Allison Palmer

Program Director, College Access Center

(718) 294-3870 x 102

Sheila Garcia

Director, CASA - Community Action for Safe Apartments

(718) 716-8000 x125

Taisy Conk

Program Director, Community Food Action

(718) 716-8000 x116

Chauncy Young

Director, Parent Action Committee

(718) 716-8000 x140

Joy Leonard

Program Director, Program for Girls and Young Women

(718) 716-8000 x119

Javiel Vega

Program Director, Young Adult Opportunity Initiative

(718) 466-1342 x109

Roman Woodson

Program Director, YouthBuild

(718) 299-3250 x 103

Jack Doyle

Jack Doyle has served as Executive Director of New Settlement Apartments, a not-for-profit housing and community service organization located in an under-served area of the southwest Bronx, since 1995. The organization has a 20-year track record of active commitment to neighborhood revitalization and community development, including working towards excellence in community public schools. Before his current position, he served for 18 years at the American Red Cross of Greater New York, most recently as Administrator for Services to Homeless Families.

Taisy Conk

Taisy has loved good food her whole life and is always looking forward to her next meal. Growing up in New York City, she was exposed to cuisines from around the globe, but was also aware of the predominance of cheaply made processed food. Taisy first came to this work to address the damaging and disproportionate health impact of processed food on low-income families and communities of color. As she steadily became aware of the systems and structures in place that propagate food that is bad for the body, for communities, for workers, and for the environment, Taisy became determined to join efforts to restore truly nourishing food to our neighborhoods.

Taisy Conk came on board to New Settlement as the Community Healthy Food Advocate through Communities for Healthy Food in 2013.  Since then, she has built the program from the ground up with the support of her passionate team members and committed partners.  Prior to working at New Settlement, Taisy conducted food access and physical activity research in New Orleans and was a Patient Navigator at a safety net hospital in Boston. Taisy holds an MPH from Tulane University in Global Community Health and Nutrition.  Having lived, gone to school, and now worked in the Bronx, Taisy is proud to have the opportunity to transform the neighborhood food landscape alongside Bronx youth and adults.

Taisy’s favorite place to grow, cook, or eat food in the Bronx is City Island.